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A: This did not help me. Finally i found a better solution for my problem. My windows 10 was not updated for a long time. I run the windows update and now my windows is fully updated. After the windows update, my pc boots without problems. Q: why is 3 being printed instead of 2 I am a very new programmer and I have not understood why I am seeing "3" as my output when I run this simple code. Can you please tell me what is happening? def add(a, b): return a + b def mul(a, b): return a * b def eq(a, b): return a == b x = input("Enter a number: ") y = input("Enter a number: ") result = mul(add(x, y), mul(eq(add(x, y), eq(x, y)))) print(result) Thank you! You have return a + b When you think about what add does, its likely you want to call add(x, y) Which would return x + y So instead of You want return add(x, y) Also, you might want to look into using the operator module I'd suggest you start by learning what the type of each of your variables actually is. I assume x and y are ints, but it's important to know. When you write you're saying "add x and y" - meaning "return x + y". you're saying "add x to y". It returns the result of the operation, but you didn't actually say what you want the result to be! You said "the result", which you mean to say "the return value", which I assume is what you're actually after, but you're not telling anyone that. To be honest, your add() method is really complicated. You're taking two numbers, adding them together, then multiplying the result by some value, then adding the result to the original numbers. It's very complicated and you're




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Virtual Usb Multikey 64 Bit Driver Download

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